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Professional Videos

Our research team identified the best course providers and video tutorials to ensure quality learning to our mentees.

6Days/Week Mentoring Support

We strongly believe effective learning will be possible only through an equal mix of technology and human touch. So BrightBee ensures regular mentoring support to individual students 6 days a week.

Interactive Contents

Expert study shows that screen attention time of a student will be a maximum of 3 minutes and we developed the learning contents in a way to engage our mentees for 2 minutes with various interactions.

Personalized Gradebook

Learning without proper feed-back will never be effective. All learning activities of the student are closely monitored and the progress is updated in the grade book.

Learning through Fun

Our content developers are busy creating various activities for our mentees to ease their learning through games, puzzles and etc.

Parent Login

BrightBee encourages the parents of our mentees to have a close look on the performance of their ward by logging in to their dashboard.

Specialization Courses

We understand that just by scoring well in academics will never be sufficient for a successful graduation and the ability to secure a job in the corporate world. Hence we developed specialization courses to equip the college students for campus placement.

Exam Preparations

Competitive exams are mandatory everywhere… from getting admission to schools, to getting a government job and going abroad. BrightBee gives professional training to crack such competitive exams using our blended learning methodology.

Why BrightBee?

We are learning management experts and leaders in e-learning for last 5 years. We take care of all of your implementation that includes services ranging from essential hosting, integrating LMS, providing user training, learning content, personalized website, online classes and a whole range of other value-add services.

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