About us

BrightBee is a team of passionate e-learning specialists with more than five years of experience in deployment, design and administration of learning management systems.

Our primary focus is to make e-learning affordable and accessible to all students by providing tailor-made and cost-effective learning solutions to learners and educational institutions.

We deliver professional Learning solutions suitable to the learning delivery needs, by combining expert support services with powerful, flexible, cost-effective learning and teaching technologies.

Our Features

Interactive Contents

We developed the learning contents in a way to engage our mentees for 2 minutes with various interactions.

Activity Videos

Eliminate the abstractness of difficult concepts with chapter-wise virtual experiments and activity videos.

Learning through Fun

Our Content Developers are busy creating various activities for our mentees to ease their learning through games, puzzles and etc.

Virtual Classroom

Our dedicated virtual classroom comes with presentations and explanations to deliver live classes to the students.

Easy Accessibility

Our learning management system deployed on the cloud platform will be accessible by users through the internet on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

Mobile Application

Teachers and students will be able to access their respective course contents and use all resources available in our LMS through Mobile Application.

Highly Customizable

Our learning management system is easy to customize and suitable themes can be designed as per the institution’s design preference.

Parent Login

BrightBee encourages the parents of our mentees to have a close look at the performance of their ward by logging in to their dashboard.

Encompassing all Major Sectors

K-12 Schools